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Bible Verses About Little Children

"The genealogical enrollment included all their little children, their wives, their sons and their daughters, for the whole assembly, for they consecrated themselves faithfully in holiness."

2 Chronicles 31:18 NASB

""But the poor man had nothing except one little ewe lambWhich he bought and nourished;And it grew up together with him and his children.It would eat of his bread and drink of his cup and lie in his bosom,And was like a daughter to him."

2 Samuel 12:3 NASB

"And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."

Matthew 18:3 NIV

"[ The Father Revealed in the Son ] At that time Jesus said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children."

Matthew 11:25 NIV

"By your hand save me from such people, LORD, from those of this world whose reward is in this life. May what you have stored up for the wicked fill their bellies; may their children gorge themselves on it, and may there be leftovers for their little ones."

Psalm 17:14 NIV

"“Why is my lord weeping?” asked Hazael. “Because I know the harm you will do to the Israelites,” he answered. “You will set fire to their fortified places, kill their young men with the sword, dash their little children to the ground, and rip open their pregnant women.”"

2 Kings 8:12 NIV

"But the poor man had nothing except one little ewe lamb he had bought. He raised it, and it grew up with him and his children. It shared his food, drank from his cup and even slept in his arms. It was like a daughter to him."

2 Samuel 12:3 NIV

"Putting their little children, their livestock and their possessions in front of them, they turned away and left."

Judges 18:21 NIV

"And the little ones that you said would be taken captive, your children who do not yet know good from bad—they will enter the land. I will give it to them and they will take possession of it."

Deuteronomy 1:39 NIV

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