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Bible Verses About Fate

"[ John's Fate Recalled ] And King Herod heard of it, for His name had become well known; and people were saying, " John the Baptist has risen from the dead, and that is why these miraculous powers are at work in Him.""

Mark 6:14 NASB

"[ Pharaoh Warned of Assyria's Fate ] In the eleventh year, in the third month, on the first of the month, the word of the LORD came to me saying,"

Ezekiel 31:1 NASB

"Hyenas will howl in their fortified towers And jackals in their luxurious palaces. Her fateful time also will soon come And her days will not be prolonged."

Isaiah 13:22 NASB

"This is an evil in all that is done under the sun, that there is one fate for all men Furthermore, the hearts of the sons of men are full of evil and insanity is in their hearts throughout their lives. Afterwards they go to the dead."

Ecclesiastes 9:3 NASB

"It is the same for all There is one fate for the righteous and for the wicked; for the good, for the clean and for the unclean; for the man who offers a sacrifice and for the one who does not sacrifice. As the good man is, so is the sinner; as the swearer is, so is the one who is afraid to swear."

Ecclesiastes 9:2 NASB

"For the fate of the sons of men and the fate of beasts is the same. As one dies so dies the other; indeed, they all have the same breath and there is no advantage for man over beast, for all is vanity."

Ecclesiastes 3:19 NASB

"Then I said to myself, " As is the fate of the fool, it will also befall me Why then have I been extremely wise?" So I said to myself, "This too is vanity.""

Ecclesiastes 2:15 NASB

"The wise man's eyes are in his head, but the fool walks in darkness And yet I know that one fate befalls them both."

Ecclesiastes 2:14 NASB

"Those in the west are appalled at his fate, And those in the east are seized with horror."

Job 18:20 NASB

"If these men die the death of all men or if they suffer the fate of all men, then the LORD has not sent me."

Numbers 16:29 NASB

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