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Bible Verses About Darkness and Light

"The night is far gone; the day is at hand. So then let us cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light."

Romans 13:12 ESV


"But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day."

Proverbs 4:18 ESV


"To the choirmaster. A Psalm of David. O Lord, you have searched me and known me! You know when I sit down and when I rise up; you discern my thoughts from afar. You search out my path and my lying down and are acquainted with all my ways. Even before a word is on my tongue, behold, O Lord, you know it altogether. You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me. ..."

Psalm 139:1-24 ESV


"This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all."

1 John 1:5 ESV


"Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”"

John 8:12 ESV


"May that day be darkness; May God above not seek it, Nor the light shine upon it."

Job 3:4 NKJB


"So it came between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel. Thus it was a cloud and darkness to the one, and it gave light by night to the other, so that the one did not come near the other all that night."

Exodus 14:20 NKJB


"and to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness. And God saw that it was good."

Genesis 1:18 NKJB


"God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. So the evening and the morning were the first day."

Genesis 1:5 NKJB


"And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness."

Genesis 1:4 NKJB


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