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Bible Verses About Armor

"He had a bronze helmet on his head and wore a coat of scale armor of bronze weighing five thousand shekels ;"

1 Samuel 17:5 NIV

"David came to Saul and entered his service. Saul liked him very much, and David became one of his armor-bearers."

1 Samuel 16:21 NIV

"Then Saul said to the men who were with him, "Muster the forces and see who has left us." When they did, it was Jonathan and his armor-bearer who were not there."

1 Samuel 14:17 NIV

"In that first attack Jonathan and his armor-bearer killed some twenty men in an area of about half an acre."

1 Samuel 14:14 NIV

"Jonathan climbed up, using his hands and feet, with his armor-bearer right behind him. The Philistines fell before Jonathan, and his armor-bearer followed and killed behind him."

1 Samuel 14:13 NIV

"The men of the outpost shouted to Jonathan and his armor-bearer, "Come up to us and we'll teach you a lesson." So Jonathan said to his armor-bearer, "Climb up after me; the LORD has given them into the hand of Israel.""

1 Samuel 14:12 NIV

""Do all that you have in mind," his armor-bearer said. "Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul.""

1 Samuel 14:7 NIV

"Jonathan said to his young armor-bearer, "Come, let's go over to the outpost of those uncircumcised fellows. Perhaps the LORD will act in our behalf. Nothing can hinder the LORD from saving, whether by many or by few.""

1 Samuel 14:6 NIV

"One day Jonathan son of Saul said to the young man bearing his armor, "Come, let's go over to the Philistine outpost on the other side." But he did not tell his father."

1 Samuel 14:1 NIV

"Hurriedly he called to his armor-bearer, "Draw your sword and kill me, so that they can't say, 'A woman killed him.' " So his servant ran him through, and he died."

Judges 9:54 NIV

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