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Bible Verses About Agony

""But Abraham said, 'Child, remember that during your life you received your good things, and likewise Lazarus bad things; but now he is being comforted here, and you are in agony."

Luke 16:25 NASB

""And he cried out and said, ' Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus so that he may dip the tip of his finger in water and cool off my tongue, for I am in agony in this flame.'"

Luke 16:24 NASB

""Now, why do you cry out loudly?Is there no king among you,Or has your counselor perished,That agony has gripped you like a woman in childbirth?"

Micah 4:9 NASB

""The king of Babylon has heard the report about them,And his hands hang limp; Distress has gripped him,Agony like a woman in childbirth."

Jeremiah 50:43 NASB

""Then he said to me, 'Please stand beside me and kill me, for agony has seized me because my life still lingers in me.'"

2 Samuel 1:9 NASB

"He prayed more fervently, and he was in such agony of spirit that his sweat fell to the ground like great drops of blood."

Luke 22:44 NLT

"I have cried until the tears no longer come;my heart is broken.My spirit is poured out in agonyas I see the desperate plight of my people.Little children and tiny babiesare fainting and dying in the streets."

Lamentations 2:11 NLT

"We, too, writhe in agony,but nothing comes of our suffering.We have not given salvation to the earth,nor brought life into the world."

Isaiah 26:18 NLT

"Have compassion on me, Lord, for I am weak.Heal me, Lord, for my bones are in agony."

Psalm 6:2 NLT

"The disease grew worse and worse, and at the end of two years it caused his bowels to come out, and he died in agony. His people did not build a great funeral fire to honor him as they had done for his ancestors."

2 Chronicles 21:19 NLT

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